Highlights :Pligg CMS
Summary :Custom development of an online community where college students could post questions and get help on a wide variety of topics.

Ed Lazor was there for us when we needed someone to count on. He saved several failing projects that other developers had turned into a mess and exceeded our expectations by helping with project management and working directly with clients to ensure their happiness.

Ted Schneck, 


Design and development of CollegeThread.com was subcontracted to Internet Architects by another Internet development firm that ran into problems and needed help.

Internet Architects was contracted to create a website for CollegeThread.com using a heavily modified version of the Pligg content management system. We were able to alter the core structure and behavior of Pligg to accomplish everything our client wanted. In the process, we were able to identify several bugs and security holes in Pligg and contributed solutions to the Pligg community.


College Thread
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College Thread
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College Thread
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